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For a lot of insightful information on traveling to and in the Copper Canyons, read Cabro Colorado’s Guide to the “Copper Canyon” Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon.

The race begins and ends in the small town of Urique, at the bottom of Urique Canyon in the state of Chihuahua.  There are many different ways to travel to Urique and a lot of it depends on your departure location and how much time you have.

Most travelers fly or use ground transport to get to one of the two main travel hubs, Chihuahua City or Los Mochis/El Fuerte. Some opt to fly to El Paso and take ground transport from there. 

Some choose to drive into Urique, it is about a 12 hour drive from either Chihuahua or Los Mochis. Although a vehicle with good brakes and high ground clearance is definitely recommended. 

Whichever way you choose, traveling into the Canyons is not difficult, it only requires a bit of patience and a good sense of adventure! 


Whether you are solo or in a group, traveling to and in Mexico is safe and relatively easy. If you plan on coming down to the Canyons by yourself, you will need a vehicle, flight, train and/or a bus ride to get to your destination. Traveling to Urique is really just getting to the town of Bahuichivo, from there you can bus or truck down into Urique (2hrs). Any combination of flights and buses that will take you to the eastern starting point of the Chepe, Los Mochis, or to its western starting point, Chihuahua City, will do the trick.

When you first cross into Mexico you will need to go into immigration for your tourist permit so be sure and have your passport on your person and not in your checked luggage. If you are flying in, this should be included in your ticket. The permit will cost about $25. Have a good trip!


  1. Fly to El Paso International Airport (USA)
  2. Take a taxi to the Central de Autobuses in Juarez
  3. Take a bus to Chihuahua City.
  4. In Chihuahua City, take a taxi to the El Chepe Train Station
  5. Take El Chepe train down to Bahuichivo
  6. Take a truck or bus ride down to Urique (there are always trucks and buses at the train station)


  1. Fly to Chihuahua City International Airport
  2. In Chihuahua City, take a taxi to the El Chepe Train Station
  3. Take El Chepe train down to Bahuichivo
  4. Take a truck or bus ride down to Urique (there are always trucks and buses at the train station)


  1. Fly Los Mochis International Airport
  2. Take a taxi to the El Chepe Train Station
  3. Take El Chepe train down to Bahuichivo
  4. Take a truck or bus ride down to Urique (there are always trucks and buses at the train station)


There is excellent bus service from El Paso, Texas, to Cd. Chihuahua or Cd. Cuauhtemoc. Our preference is to stay in Cuauhtemoc which is a smaller, friendlier city, costs less, and one can board the train at a 8:30 AM, a much more decent hour than arriving at 5:00 AM or so at the Chihuahua station, plus the bus costs less than the train.

Limousines de Mexico 720 South Oregon Street, El Paso, TX 79901,915) 542-4547  has departures direct to Cuauhtemoc (with a short stop in Chihuahua) at 9:45 AM and 8:45 PM, They also have one to Chihuahua at 10:45 AM but they do not use the main bus terminal (central camionera) and one needs a shuttle there to continue to Cuauhtemoc. The line has terminals and connections with in many U.S. Cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, and points in between.

Americanos,  1007 S Santa Fe St, El Paso, TX 79901, (915) 532-1748has departures at 9:30 and 11:00 AM and 1:30 and 10:00 PM to thecentral camionera in Chihuahua. From there catch Rapidos Cuauhtemoc to Cuauhtemoc, an easy transfer but you may need pesos to pay.

Of the two lines, Americanos has the better buses with more leg room. Both charge about $33 to Cd. Cuauhtemoc with another $10 to Cuauhtemoc (note all prices are in U.S. dollars). With Americanos you can buy tickets and board at Greyhound bus stations as well but the clerks there tend to be more snooty and charge extra if you have more than one checked bag but with either the Americanos or Limousines you can check more than one bag free of charge. Also with Americanos there tends to be less hassle from Mexican Customs at the border crossing they use.


Runners and travelers coming down to Urique can either rent a hotel room, stay with a local family or camp out. Availability of rooms in Urique is limited, so we strongly recommend you make arrangements as early as possible. The best way to do this is to contact the hotels directly. This website will help you with international calling codes.

Those who want to camp out are invited to contact our good friendKeith Ramsay at Entre Amigos, a beautiful property just out of Urique that offers plenty of camping space, an organic garden and some of the most interesting unofficial pre- and post-race happenings! Bring your own sleeping gear, blanket, tent, sleeping bag etc.


Click on Image to visit the Chepe website


El Chepe Train is one of the most scenic train rides in the world, it is the only passenger train in Mexico and includes the second highest railroad bridge in the world. The most scenic trip is from Los Mochis to Bahuichivo (headed north), but the ride from Chihuahua City to Bahuichivo is also breathtaking!

All of the information on the El Chepe train can be found on their website, which is in both English and Spanish. Tickets can be purchased at the Train Station the day of departure in both First and Second Class options.



It is a little known fact there is an active airstrip in Urique. Flights to/from Chihuahua City are only 1.5 hours, and while a bit more expensive than bus, train or , they can save you about 10 hours of travel one-way. Flights leave for Urique from the Chihuahua City International Airport, in the small craft hangars.

Flights generally accommodate up to 4 passengers with their baggage (2 reasonably sized bags each). Prices are charged by one-way flight and run between USD $1000 & $1200 (remember, this can be split between 4 people). This can be convenient if you want to travel overland into Urique, then need to rush out quickly after the race.

Reservations for flights must be done at least a week in advance and you will be billed if you do not show up for your flight. Payment can be done via Bank Transfer or with Cash, they do not take credit cards. Reservation can be done via email or phone.


  • TELEFONO: 011-52-614-414-8803
  • CEL:  011-521-614 488-0665


**star ratings are based on Urique lodging availability and standards

  • Hotel Canon de Urique – 2 stars | Rafael Silva | 011-52-635-456-6024
  • Hotel Paraiso de Urique – 3 stars | Catano| 011-52-635-456-6023
  • Hotel Figueroa – 2 stars | Fernando Figueroa | 011-52-635-456-6054
  • Hotel/ Restaurant Barrancas de Urique – 3 stars | Elena Acosta | 011-52-635-456-6013
  • Cabanas los Mezquites – 3 stars | Jose Isidro | 011-52-635-456-6134
  • Hotel Paraiso Escondido – 3 stars | Yolanda Ramirez | 011-52-635-456-6034
  • Hotel Estrella del Rio – 3 stars | Jose Quintana | 011-52-635-456-6003
  • Camping & Cabañas las Delicias – 3 stars | Jose Quintana  | 011-52-635-456-6003


Runners and travelers to the Barrancas will discover not only a beautiful natural environment, but a rich, traditional cuisine and some local specialties not to be missed! Below, you will find some general information and advice on local food and drinks so you know what to expect on your adventure. But don’t just stick to this; there is plenty more to explore and discover!


Unless they know they are fragile to local water, seasoned travelers should not be worried about drinking tap water in and around the canyons. Purified, bottled water is easily available in stores.

Drinks such as fruit juices and soft drinks are easily found around Urique. Some shops and restaurants will sell local beer, too. Caballo’s favorite, Indio, is sold at Mama Tita’s restaurant. A convenience store further down the main street offers canned Tecate, which some Mas Locos refer to as “fizzy yellow drink”.

Around the time of the race, one of the town’s shops offers bottled “Electrolit” brand drinks in different flavors. If this is something you would like to purchase, we suggest you do so as soon as you get in town before the supplies run out.


The town of Urique has a number of small, family-owned restaurants which offer mostly traditional Mexican classics such as rice plates accompanied with re-fried beans, various meats and delicious hand-patted tortillas. There are also several shops where groceries can be purchased. Since Urique is far off the beaten path, availability of items in store is subject to deliveries, which are usually done twice a week. At any given time, however, you will be able to find local staples such as rice, pasta, canned goods, eggs, local cheese and various fruits and vegetables.


Restaurants such as Mama Tita’s are aware of vegetarianism and can accommodate guests who don’t eat meat. It is to be noted that if you follow a very strict diet, vegan or other, you might consider cooking your own food. Furthermore, one shouldn’t expect to find exotic or specialized food items in local shops. However, be assured that your hosts will do all they can to accommodate you as much as possible.


Adventurous travelers and foodies can inquire about the local Raramuri drink/beer called Tesguino, and some hardcore cactus moonshine called Lechuguilla. One specialty not to be missed is the Raramuri pinole, made from finely stone-ground maize that local runners use as fuel.

“Your journey is difficult and hard. But, this is your life. May what your eyes see before you, stay in your heart always.”

— Raramuri Proverb